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Conventional Slow Fleet


The Conventional Slow fleet is for dinghies (both Conventional or Asymmetric) with a PY of more than the PY of the Laser Radial - currently 1135.


This is a very friendly fleet where the dinghies are in the most part easier to sail and is often the 'go to' choice for those graduating from the Novice ranks or purchasing their own first boat.


Popular dinghies within the fleet are Mirror, Topper, Topaz, Pico, Comet, Miracle, Europe and Feva.

Fleet Representative - Neil Smith


Contact email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Monday 29th June 2015


End of June already and we are right into the busiest part of the sailing season at BSC !


Last weekend saw a good number of SCF boats out on the water in conditions ranging from a cracking force 4 South Westerley on Friday night through to a very testing 'drifter' for Sunday's Charity Race.


Well done to all those who took part including a special mention for new SCF member John Evenden sailing his recently acquired Lightninig 368 for the first time and to Anne-Marie Mears for persevering on Sunday in the Charity Race. No mean feat to complete the course in a Topper in 'drifting' wind conditions and a very strong tide.


July brings the regular midweek and weekend series races, plus a Non Race Sailing session on Sunday 19th July, the 'Learn to Sail Regatta' on Sunday 26th July and best of all, the eagerly anticipated BSC Sea Week from Monday 27th to Friday 31st July.


As you will be aware it has become impossible to launch and recover the RIBs at low tide due to the currently exposed reef. For safety reasons the race times for Sea Week have therefore been changed from those stated in the Sailing Programme.


Revised Race Times and Details :


Date                              Race  1                Race   2                           Notes


Monday 27th                08.00                  Back to back                     RIBs ashore by 11.00

                                                                   after Race  1


Tuesday 28th               09.00                 Back to back                      RIBs ashore by 12.00

                                                                   after Race  1


Wednesday 29th         09.00                      11.00                              RIBs ashore by 13.00


Thursday 30th              10.00                      12.00                              RIBs ashore by 14.00


Friday 31st                    10.00                      12.30                              RIBs ashore by 15.00


Please note that there will be no RIB cover for anyone wishing to sail outside of these times.


A duty roster list for Sea Week has been posted on the main notice board in the Club lounge. Duties are on a voluntary basis but the accepted practice is that if you sail at anytime during Sea Week you volunteer to undertake a duty, that way everyone gets a fair chance to sail.


One final note on Sea Week, the daily cleaning duties are undertaken by each Fleet in turn. Our fleet's turn is on Tuesday 28th, please try to attend and help out rather than leaving it to the same few usual victims.


Lastly, for anyone thinking of changing boats within the Fleet, or maybe joining the SCF, there are still some appropriatte dinghies for sale on the Club's lower notice board. One of the latest additions being for Annie McRae's Comet, a nice boat, previously owned by Carol Peddlesden and part of a number of Comet dinghies sailed at BSC.                       




Monday 1st June 2015


It was good to return from holiday and see that we had a reasonable showing of SCF members sailing during May. Some of them were familiar faces who haven't been out for a while, (which is excellent) and others newer faces - notably two of last year's Novices plus a very wily competitor usually in the Fast fleet who showed the way in several races !


June is here and hopefully some good weather with lots of varied sailing opportunities during the month :


Two Saturday Series races on 6th and 20th June

Non Race Sailing on 7th June

Four Evening Series races (unusual) on 10th, 13th, 26th and 27th June

One Summer Series race on 21st June

One Early Worm race on 28th June

The Mayoress' Penant Charity race, also on 28th June


The most important event of all in June is the Federation Cup at Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club on Sunday 14th. BSC won the Cup last year when Hastings Sailing Club hosted the event and this is our chance to repeat that success. If you are intending to represent BSC and compete then please let me know before the next Sailing Committee meeting (which is on Monday 8th June), so that I can advise the Sailing Committee accordingly.


A number of SCF members attended the recent training session on Course Laying presented by Richard Hall and Richard Eagleton. For those SCF members who didn't attend, the training session dealt with the theoretical and practical aspects of laying a 'good' race course, including instruction on using the newly purchased hand held compasses to set start lines and reaching angles. The session was very enlightening and well received by all those who attended, The intention is to develop the concept and hold more training sessions in the future so look out for further details.


On the same day as the 'Course Laying', Richard Eagleton, Greg Casey and Bob Palmer  presented a Race Coaching Session to the combined Slow and Fast fleets. As the weather on the day was somewhat unfavourable the session focused on individual boat setup and race strategy. A hugely enjoyable and absorbing afternoon. Hopefully we can impose upon these experts again later in the year for another session, don't miss it !


Finally, congratulations to Richard Eagleton who won both the Europe Open at South Cerney SC on 21st April and the Europe Open at Restronguet SC last weekend. No wonder we can't catch him !




Monday 23rd March 2015


Racing finally got underway for 2015 at BSC yesterday, a cold but pleasant sail.


As promised, more information on training opportunities that are coming up in April.


Course Laying Training - 9am to 12 noon Saturday 25th April


This training will be presented by Richard Hall and Richard Eagleton and is primarily suitable for members of the Fleet who are Rib Coxes and/or Club Race Officers. The course will provide in depth training in the preparation and laying of the ideal race course in a variety of wind, tide and weather conditions and directions. The fee for the course is £5.00 per person and booking forms with further information are available from the Club's main notice board.


Conventional Fleet Race Coaching - 2pm Saturday 25th April


Those of you who attended either of last year's Race Coaching sessions will know how good they were and Richard Eagleton has kindly volunteered to coach us again this year.

The coaching will be aimed at Club Racers of various abilities who will be coached in their own boats. As last year this will be a combined Conventional Fleet coaching session encompassing both the Slow and Fast Fleets. Numbers may be limited (so get in quick !), but please ensure that you are fully committed to attend so as not to take away the opportunity for other Club members. The fee for this coaching is £5.00 per person and there will be a 'Signing on' sheet posted on the Club's main notice board. Please also indicate in the space provided on the sheet any specific area of coaching that you would like to be included.





Tuesday 3rd March 2015


Only eleven days left to the start of another exciting sailing season at BSC.


Racing kicks off on Saturday 14th March with the first race of the Spring Series, aka The Ice Bucket. If you would like to win a very handsome and useful trophy then be there !


Further rounds of the Spring Series take place on the next two weekends, followed by the bumper Easter Egg Series of four races over the Easter holiday, 3rd to the 6th April.


Two unmissable training opportunities coming up in April when on Saturday 25th there will be Course Laying Training in the morning and Conventional Fleet Race Coaching in the afternoon. Places will be limited so watch out for further news.


Following on from the proceedings at our last SCF annual meeting I am pleased to be able to advise that the two proposals taken to the Sailing Committee have been approved.


1. The alternative finishing procedure, which was granted on a trial basis for 2014, has been

     fully adopted for all future SCF races.

2. The SCF will now start all future races with the FCF.


This year's RYA PY list has just been published with several interesting adjustments for our Fleet. To highlight a few, our fastest ship, the Solo, has dipped by 6 points to 1140, (hard luck Simon), the already 'bandit' Miracles have gone up by a further eye watering 10 points to 1210, and the poor Europe sailors have gained nothing and remain on a miserly 1148.


Surprisingly the Laser Radial has also gone up by 13 points to 1135. This makes the difference between the fastest SCF and the slowest FCF boats only 5 points, (equivalent to only 16 seconds in one hour's racing), all the more interesting now that the two fleets will be starting together !


During BSC's closed season two of us took part in the Bough Beech Icicle. Richard Eagleton was an excellent fifth overall and the writer was seventeenth, both of us one place better than last year.





Sunday 21st December 2014


The Slow Conventional Fleet held their annual meeting on Saturday 20th December 2014. Here is a brief account of the proceedings :



Apologies were received from Richard Hall, Allen Hare and Lucinda Silva


Fleet Rep for 2015

Neil Smith was re-appointed as Fleet Rep for 2015


Fleet Membership

The overall Fleet membership for 2015, including actual Sailors and anyone affiliated by association to the fleet, remains the same as it was in 2014 at around 40 members. New members to the Fleet for 2015 include three members graduating from the Novice Fleet - Simon Ludkin (Solo), plus Peter Timmer and Bradley Hall (Miracle), and one member joining us from the Fast Fleet, long time and revered BSC member Geoff Furlong (Miracle).



A newsletter is produced on a roughly monthly basis and circulated by email to all SCF members. It is also posted on the Fleet's webpage of the Club's website. Any news or contributions are always welcomed.


Race Results

Although full Race Results for 2014 are not available due to a publishing problem on the Club's website, race wins were dominated by Europes and Miracles. A special mention however goes to the scratch handicap Club Cup Race where the top three places were taken by SCF members. First - Bee Frost and Peter Goodman (Miracle), Second - Bob and Barbara Palmer (Miracle) and Third - Nicola Palmer (Europe).


Race Finish Procedure

An alternative race finishing procedure for the SCF was proposed at the 2013 annual Fleet meeting whereby our races could be finished on any boat in the race. The Sailing Committee accepted our proposal on a trial basis for 2014. The meeting agreed to make a request to the Sailing Committee for the Club  to now fully adopt the alternative race finish procedure for the SCF in the future.


2014 Race Participation

The participation by SCF members in races during 2014 was disappointingly low and this impacted on the enjoyment of Fleet members taking part. Many SCF races comprised of only two competitors and often the participants were very different in terms of boat performance and/or relative sailor experience. The issue of how to increase fleet sizes to enhance the race experience was discussed at length and the meeting agreed that the best and most practical solution was to take a proposal to the Sailing Committee for the Club to combine the SCF start with that of the Fast Conventional and Asymmetric Fleets.

It was acknowledged that this may impact on the Novice and Cadet Fleets who normally start with the SCF. It was suggested that if the Sailing Committee decide that these two other fleets should also join the Fast/Asymmetric start then it could be beneficial for them to carry some form of identification, possibly a length of ribbon on the end of their booms, so that more experienced Club racers would be aware of their status and make due allowance on the start line and during racing.

As a result of discussions regarding racing in general, the meeting agreed that a further request be made to the Sailing Committee to develop more 'Short Course' racing. This would not be in the form of the current 'Back-to-Back' racing where 'short' refers to the time element, but short in terms of the course size. Much mention was made of the 2013 Sea Week when Mike Adams ran a series of back-to-back short races over a variety of courses from a Committee boat. All of those present who took part agreed that the event was both highly enjoyable and an excellent training exercise. The request to the Sailing Committee would therefore be that Mike Adams' format, or something similar, should be repeated during Sea Week 2015 and, if again successful and well received, then the concept could be developed and adopted as a specific race type for regular inclusion into future BSC Sailing Programmes.


Summer Jollying 

A further attempt would be made in 2015 to arrange midweek summer afternoon 'Jollying'. This would be on an impromptu basis and perhaps engaging the whole of the Club membership and not just the SCF as this was unsuccessful in 2014 .


Course Laying

Concerns were raised by SCF members at the 2013 meeting regarding the sometimes poor standard of race courses. Richard Hall has been looking into this issue and that of including the usage of hand held compasses when setting race courses. The Sailing Committee has agreed in principal to include  'Course Laying' in the Club's 2015 Training Programme. Places will be limited so watch out for further news.



Details were given regarding the Bough Beech Icicle for any SCF member interested in winter racing during BSC's closed season.

The meeting expressed their appreciation to Ian and Liz Raymond for their help and assistance in launching and recovery from the beach. This expression of appreciation would be passed on to Ian and Liz by the Fleet Rep.



There being no other business the meeting finished at 12 noon.




The responses from the Sailing Committee to the meeting's proposals and requests will be relayed to SCF members by email and also posted on the Fleet's webpage after the next Sailing Committee meeting in January 2015.      






Monday 10th November 2014



Although Autumn has finally appeared with some wetter, colder and windy weather there are still nine races left before the end of the season for hardy seafarers. There are three more races to go in the Brass Monkey Series, a full five races in the Frostbite Series and, the final race of the year, the Christmas Cracker on Sunday 14th December. Time perhaps to dig out your 'steamer ' wetsuit or that trusty (or crusty) drysuit !


I intend to hold the 2014 annual Slow Conventional Fleet meeting on Saturday 20th December after the 'Winterising' of the Club as last year. This season has been disappointing for our fleet in terms of the number of members taking part in races and there are important decisions to be made on the best way forward to try and remedy the situation. Please make the effort to attend as it is important to get a balanced view from as many fleet members as possible. A general email with further details will be circulated nearer the date.


This is also the time of year to think to think about how you could contribute to the running of the Club by becoming a member of one of the various committees. Apart from specified Club Officers, each committee includes a number of annually elected ordinary Club members and it is a great way to give something back to the Club for the pleasure we all get from sailing. If you think that you may be interested then please speak to one of the Flag Officers who who will be pleased to advise you of the possibilities and procedures. It would certainly be a big asset to our fleet to have more members with a voice on the Club's committees.


If anyone is thinking of changing boats or joining our fleet then there are a number of suitable fleet boats for sail within the Club at present. Boat classes available include Topper, Topaz, Comet, Miracle and Byte CII. If anyone fancies getting the best boat in the 'Slows' (you know what that is) and taking on our fleet Supremo on level terms then unfortunately there are none available at present within the Club. However there are some great examples on Apollo Duck including the current National Championship winning boat.


If you are keen to do some winter sailing during Bexhill's closed season then check out the Bough Beech Icicle event - a series of 16 races held annually over the first eight Sundays of the new year. There is always a good contingent of BSC sailors who take part and enjoy competitive racing in bigger mixed fleets.


Finally, well done to Richard Eagleton who continues to fly the flag for BSC on the open circuit with a third overall at the Scottish Europe Championships and second overall at the Europe Inland Championships. The writer also took part in the latter event recording a career best Championship result of fourth. The other three entrants in the event were just too fast !!






Monday 25th August 2014


After the best Sea Week for many years and the re-scheduled Regatta last weekend there is still much to look forward to at BSC in the coming weeks.


Along with the usual series racing we have:


Sunday 31st August - the Club Cup day. This is an annual handicap scratch race open to all Sailing members with the Club Cup being allocated to the first boat that has not had a helm or crew that has won any other trophy through the season. A perfect opportunity perchance to shine with the regular supremos sidelined by their own success !!


Saturday 6th September - sees the final Non Race Sailing session for 2014. Last year the Non Race Sailing was very popular but this year has been poorly supported. The Sailing Committee will re-evaluate the Non Race Sailing along with all the other Club events before compiling next year's Sailing Programme so if you enjoy Non Race Sailing please participate as it's future may well depend on a case of  'use it or lose it '.


Saturday 13th September - boasts a very important event for BSC when the Club hosts the Youth Federation, re-schuduled after having been cancelled last year due to bad weather. Please come along and support our very talented team of young sailors who have a precedent to follow after the Club's success at this year's Federation Cup. If you are able to offer your services for the day even better as our Cadet Captain Malcolm Brookes is still currently looking for volunteers.


Sunday 21st September - Bart's Bash, 'The Largest Sailing Event in the World', details of which have been circulated previously by the Commodore. Please sign up and join the current boats from the Slow Conventional Fleet, Beach Bum and Low Down Boom, in this important event for the Club, the Appeal and sailing in general.


Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September - a two day double header to decide the prestigious Class Cups, can anyone out-do the regular favourites ?


Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October - no sailing this weekend but an opportunity to take part in the RYA Safety Boat course run by the Club. Further details are available on the Sail Training page of the Club's website.


Away from BSC, congratulations to Richard Eagleton for third place overall at the Europe National Championships, which were sailed in some very extreme conditions at Dabchicks SC in Essex. Richard also won the 'Swinging Sixties Trophy' - one assumes this was for his sailing achievements !


Finally a quick reminder to pay and renew your membership before 1st October to qualify for the discount.





Tuesday 22nd July 2014


Race Coaching 2014


Sunday 13th July saw the second of the Conventional Fleets Race Coaching sessions in absolutely perfect conditions. Those of the Slow Fleet who have taken part in either session will agree that both were excellent and something which definitely needs to be encouraged for future years. Thanks to Clare Day, Richard Eagleton and Mike Adams.


Sea Week - Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August


As you will all be aware next week is Sea Week and with currently a good forecast it will be nice to see some big 'Slow' fleets on the water.


Tuesday is the Slow Fleet's day for cleaning duties so please make the effort to be there at the end of the day and help. Last year it was left to just three of us !


There are still plenty of duties to fill (especially on Tuesday) so please sign up. The Duty List is on the Club notice board in the lounge. The policy is that anyone who races does a duty so that everyone gets a fair opportunity to sail.


Handsome prizes are awarded for each fleet in every race on a very fair rota system so good luck to all.





Sunday 6th July 2014


There are still places available on the Conventional Fleets Race Coaching on Sunday 13th July.


This is the second of two coaching sessions held this year, the first session was very successful and the coaching provides members of both the Fast and Slow Conventional fleets with an opportunity to both gain knowledge and to develop racing skills in their own boats.


The weather outlook for next Sunday looks good at present so don't miss your chance.


To reserve your place either complete a booking form (available to download from the Sail Training page of the Club's website) and post in the box in the Club hallway, or send an email confirming your definite intention to participate to Clare Day - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Monday 16th June 2014


As we rapidly approach the longest day of the year BSC makes the most of the daylight hours with a number of the remaining events before Sea Week being Evening or Early Worm races. No reason not to participate then !


Sunday 29th June sees the Club hosting the RS200/Asymmetric Open. If you have never experienced an Open Race then this is the perfect opportunity to witness sailing at it's very best and maybe even assist in the running of the event. Further details are available on the 'Open and Race Events' section of the Club's website.


July also provides two separate training opportunities. There is a Power Boat Training Course on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July, plus the second session of Conventional Fleet Race Coaching on Sunday 13th July. The first session was very successful and well attended so book early to reserve your spot. Further details are available on the 'Sail Training' section of the Club's website.


In the past some members of our Fleet got together in the summer months for midweek casual sailing. It was very enjoyable and I am keen to see if enough members are interested to repeat the practice. Obviously it is very much weather and tide dependent as there would be no RIB cover although we can use the other Club facilities. If it is to be considered again, ideal days tidewise in the near future could be either Monday 30th June or Tuesday 1st July, and/or Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th July. Please let me know what you think and if there is enough interest I will try and coordinate something.


On the water Richard Eagleton sailed flawlessly yesterday to record two clear wins at the Federation Cup. The writer assisted, sailing slightly less flawlessly, but between us we won the Slow Handicap category for the Club as part of the overall victory by BSC.


Closer to home, Bee Frost and Peter Goodman broke the Europe stranglehold by winning the Saturday Evening Race on 7th June, the first Slow Conventional Fleet race held this year not to be won by a Europe. However, don't hold your breath as we now have a new recruit to the Europe fold in Nicola Palmer, be afraid, be very afraid !!!!!


See you on the water.




Wednesday 28th May 2014


Federation Cup - Sunday 15th June


The Federation Cup is being held in just over two weeks time on Sunday 15th June at Hastings and St Leonards Sailing Club.


This event is held annually (weather permitting) and is a chance for all Club members to represent Bexhill SC at an inter-club Open Meeting.


If you are considering taking part or require any more details please let me know.


Hopefully we can gather together a good group of competitors to contest the Slow Handicap Class (PY over 1100)






Sunday 11th May 2014


Race Coaching Saturday 17th May


There are still places available on the Conventional Fleets Race Coaching on Saturday 17th May.


Coaching will be by Clare Day and Richard Eagleton and this is an unmissable opportunity to gain knowledge and develop racing expertise in your own boat.


The outlook for next weekend looks perfect at present so please do not miss your chance.


To reserve your place either complete a booking form (which is available to download from the Sail Training page on the Club's website) and post in the box in the Club hallway or send an email confirming your definite intention to participate to Clare Day.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            





Wednesday 23rd April 2014




The instructors for the Conventional Fleets Coaching on Saturday 17th May will be Clare Day and our own Fleet Supremo Richard Eagleton.


Numbers are limited to a total of twelve boats on a first come, first served basis for the combined Slow Conventional and Fast Conventional Fleets so get your entry in early to avoid disappointment.


Further details and a booking form are available on the Sail Training page of the Club's website.





Tuesday 22nd April 2014


Half way through Spring and two of the Club's race series already completed.


Nice to see some different faces on the water over the Easter weekend with Annie McRae in her first venture as a Slow Conventional Fleet member in her Comet plus Ken and Teddy Edwards who made an impressive maiden voyage in their newly acquired Topaz eventually taking second place overall in the Easter Egg series.


One more event left in April, the ever popular Non Race Sailing on Sunday 27th, an ideal opportunity for all those who haven't yet taken to the water this year to 'shake out the cobwebs'.


May brings a veritable plethora of sailing opportunities, two Bank Holiday weekend short series plus the start of the Midweek series, the Saturday Evening series, the Early Worm series, the Summer series, the Saturday series and a Charity race !!!!


Also on Saturday the 17th May is the first of the Conventional Fleets two scheduled Race Coaching courses for 2014. This year's coaching will combine both the Slow Conventional and Fast Conventional boats together so book early to avoid missing out on the opportunity to receive expert training in your own boat. More details are availabe on the Sail Training page of the Club's website.


Plenty of Slow Conventional boats for sale at present, both from the Club itself and individual Club members. An ideal opportunity for anyone thinking of changing boats, joining our fleet or maybe even a suitable purchase for current Novice Fleet members looking to acquire their own boats and challenge their fleet representative Simon in his Solo !


Boat classes currently on offer include Toppers, Topaz, Miracle, RS Quba and two very sporty Byte CII's.


Look forward to seeing you all on the water soon.






Tuesday 4th March 2014


The new season approaches and time to think about getting yourself and your boat ready for the coming races, maybe using that new sailing gear that you received for Christmes or treated yourself to at the Dinghy Show !


There are still two Work Parties before racing starts with the 'Ice Bucket' on Saturday 22nd March, RIB Preparation on Sunday 9th March and Club Preparation on Sunday 16th March. If you are available please try to participate.


We now have a new braided rope for the 'Slow' winch which should prevent the horrible twisted mass of rope suffered after winching up the boats last year. We also have a second water supply tap on the west end of the Clubhouse that we can use to wash down our boats after sailing without causing friction with the RIB crews needing the hose for flushing the outboard motors.


It is also proposed to renew many of the existing defective tie down lines in the dinghy park once a satisfactory anchor system is devised. More details to follow but the task will require a determined co-operative effort.


The Club has another full programme of training events for 2014 including Race Officer Training on 5/6th April and two sessions of Race Coaching for Conventional boats on Saturday 17th May and Sunday 13th July. Further details are available on the Sail Training page of the Club's website.


Outside of the Club, three members of the Slow Conventional Fleet, (all sailing Europes), along with others from Bexhill took part in the Bough Beech Icicle, an Open Meeting of sixteen races held annually over the first eight Sundays of the year. In the Conventional class with an entry of seventy six boats Richard Eagleton gained the award for 6th place, Lucy Walter was 21st overall and gained the award for third Lady Helm. The writer was 18th overall and might have qualified for the 'most capsizes' award had there been one !  - A fantastic event held at a very friendly club and much to be recommended to any Slow Conventional Fleet members keen to improve their sailing in the closed season.


Finally, although our Fleet membership is slightly reduced from last season we do have some new faces, notably Kate Barnes, Annie McRae and Fran Mather, all graduating from last year's Novice Fleet. I am sure that you will join me in welcoming them to our Fleet and giving them much encouragement and any help or assistance required.





Tuesday 4th February 2014


At  the annual Fleet meeting held on 15th December 2013, one of the key issues discussed was the succees or not of the adopted shortened courses set for our Fleet during 2013.


The general opinion of the meeting was not in favour of the shortened courses. It was felt that the necessary positioning of the additional buoys used to provide a shortened course compromised the ideal angles of the overall course layout. Often the shortened courses ended up having two legs which were beats instead of only one leg. This was not liked, nor was it thought conducive to good racing.


The meeting accepted that any course set for mixed fleet racing had to be a compromise for all but that a better solution than the shortened courses needed to be found for our fleet.


Several options were put forward and the Fleet's ultimate decision was to return to sailing the standard courses but to put a resolution before the Sailing Committee to alter the Club's finishing procedure, whereby, at the Race Officer's discretion, our Fleet's race could be finished on a backmarker and not neccessarily on the leading boat.


As you will appreciate, a problem our Fleet has is that in practice there is a considerable difference in the PY rating between the fastest and the slowest boats and we also have a fair proportion of less experienced sailors. The combined effect often results in the Fleet's backmarkers ending up far behind the frontrunners. This is especially relevant when we have very light or heavy wind conditions and/or strong tidal flows.


By changing the Club's finishing procedures, the Race Officer could, at his discretion, finish the race on a slower backmarker that was in front of the leading boat, when it was obvious that it would be of no advantage to anyone to be sending that boat, or others in a similar position on another lap.


This system is used by many other sailing clubs and apart from the obvious advantage stated above, it would mean that all boats would be competing in a closer time frame, backmarkers would not be tempted to hang back and finish behind the leading boat so as not to have to complete another lap, and as all boats would finish in the said closer time frame there would be more bodies still on the beach to assist each other in boat recovery and for the general clearing away after a race which is often left to the same conscientious few.


I am pleased to advise you that the Sailing Committee has agreed to implement this change in the finishing procedure for our Fleet (and the Novice Fleet) on a trial basis for 2014.


The changes will be adopted into the Sailing Instructions for 2014 and reflected in amendments to the Race Officers' Guide.


I am confident that this is a very positive step in improving our Fleet's races.


On a lighter note, as you will be aware there is to be a Pre-Season Fleet meal held on Friday  evening, 7th March at The Moorings, Pevensey Bay. If you are interested there is still time to join in but you will need to let me know within the next few days please.   





Friday 10th January 2014


A happy New Year to all Fleet members


Following on from the announcement on 16th December, the Pre Season Fleet Meal is to be held on Friday 7th March 2014 at The Moorings, Pevensey Bay at 7.30pm. At present there is a party of around twenty people signed up. If you would like to join in or want more details please let me know.





Monday 16th December 2013


Thank you to those members who turned up for a very productive annual Fleet meeting yesterday.


A request was made at the meeting to resurrect an old Fleet custom of a pre-season 'get together' evening meal, held on either a Friday or Saturday evening in February.


To give me an indication of interest in this proposal could all those members who think they would be likely to attend such an event please send me a simple 'YES PLEASE' or similar email reply by this coming Sunday 23rd December.


Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year.






Monday 9th December 2013


2013 Slow Conventional Fleet Meeting - Sunday 15th December


The 2013 annual meeting for the Slow Conventional Fleet will be held on this coming Sunday, 15th December, at 11am after the 'Winterising' of the Club.


The annual meeting is a chance for fleet members to assess the events of the 2013 season and discuss any issues, comments or ideas you may have which you think may improve the future sailing for our fleet and the Club in general.


Club members graduating from the Novice Fleet or anyone thinking of joining the Slow Conventional Fleet will be especially welcome.







Monday 11th November 2013


Autumn has well and truly arrived but the boat park looks like a winter scene with so many boats having been taken home over the weekend of the storm !


Nevertheless, four Slow Conventional boats went afloat in a combined fleet of eight in last Sunday's Poppy Charity Race and enjoyed a flat sea and a reasonable but shifty North Westerley wind to sail on a glorious sunny November afternoon.


If you missed out don't despair, there is still the rest of the Frostbite series to sail with eight races scheduled over the next four weekends, plus the Christmas Cracker, which is the last race of the year on Saturday 14th December.


For anyone who has decided that actual sailing is definitely over for this season, why not come down to the Club and volunteer for a duty on one of the remaining races. The duty sheet is on the main notice board.


Finally, I intend to hold the annual meeting for the Slow Conventional fleet on Sunday 15th December after the 'winterising' of the Club. A general email with further details will be circulated nearer the date.






Sunday 1st September 2013


September already but the sailing events at BSC continue in abundance. We have two races from the Autumn series, three Early Worm races for the insomniacs, the Club Cup for us less accomplished mortals, the double header Class Cups (our fleet supremo is away so take your chance !), a Fun race (aren't they all !) and a session of the ever popular Non Race Sailing.


The Club is also hosting the Youth Federation on Saturday 7th September so if you are not busy come along and support BSC's young sailing stars of the future.


Finally a quick reminder that Club membership fees for 2013/14 are due before the end of September, otherwise you cannot continue sailing for the remaining three months of the year.






Thursday 1st August 2013


August is upon us, sunshine, summer holidays, lazing on the beach and plenty of sailing opportunities for all at BSC.


Special events this month include:


The fifth of the club's very popular Non Race Sailing sessions on Saturday 3rd August - a perfect opportunity to brush up on your sailing skills ready for Sea Week or the chance just to cruise around and enjoy yourself.


The Mayor's Pennant Race on Sunday 4th August - the next event in the club's charity race programme.


The much awaited Sea Week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th August - two races scheduled each day plus a variety of evening events.


Culminating Sea Week we have Bexhill Sailing Club's Regatta on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August - definitely not to be missed.


The club's annual Summer Cruise on Sunday 18th August - don't forget some cash as it has been known to stop midway for liquid refreshment !


The August Short Series - a three day event over the Bank Holiday weekend including short course racing on the Sunday and Monday.


All this plus Saturday evening, Midweek and Early Worm races !!!


On the road Richard Eagleton continues to fly the flag for BSC with a well deserved fourth overall and winner of the 'Screaming Sixties' trophy at the Europe National Championship. Unfortunately the writer was not so successful but went for consistency in his results !


Finally a fond farewell to Carol Peddlesden, one of our fleet's best sailors and shoreline mentors, who leaves us for the Channel Islands at the end of the month. We wish her all the best in her new career and look forward to seeing her again sometime in the future.






Sunday 30th June 2013


Here ends 'Flaming June', (a month when unfortunately there were almost equally as many races cancelled as sailed) and we move into the second half of the sailing season. Let's hope for a little more seasonal weather this month.


July has a very packed programme of events. As well as the Saturday and Sunday Series races there are three midweek races, Non Race Sailing on Saturday 6th July, a Charity race in aid of St Michael's Hospice on Sunday 7th July and the Sail Training Regatta on Sunday 28th July.


We are now starting to see some shorter courses for our fleet on race days. The addition of these courses are a direct response to members' requests made in last year's questionnaire. If you have sailed on any and have comments or views please let me know so that I can provide the relative feedback to the Sailing Committee.


Outside of the Club's own activities, well done to Barry O'Herlihy for twelth place at the Comet Open at Chipstead SC on 15th June and Richard Eagleton for another second place, this time at the Europe Southern Area Championships at Grafham Water SC on 21st / 22nd June. Both events were held in truly extreme weather conditions.


Hope to see you on the water this month, especially those of you who still have not  ventured out yet this year !!!







Friday 31st May 2013

Tomorrow sees us into June and a busy calendar of events. As well as the normal racing series we have the following events:


Fun Race - Sunday 9th June


Format is to be a 'Le Mans' race, so sounds exciting.


Charity Race - Sunday 16th June

A one-off race in aid of the Dragonflies Bereavement Project so come and enjoy yourselves whilst benefitting a very worthwhile cause.


Non Race Sailing - Saturday 22nd June

The third of this year's Non Race Sailing days which have been very successful and well supported so far.


Federation - Sunday 23rd June

To be held at Hastings Sailing club, this is an interclub regatta held annually. Full details were published in the BSC News Edition 5.

The Club will be sending two ribs to help at the event so anyone intending to sail to Hastings and back will have rib cover.

To aid them in their planning, Hastings SC have asked for an indication of numbers. Therefore, could anyone who intends to participate please inform either myself or Paul White giving their class of dinghy, sail number, helm and crew names and PY.


New Members Evening - Saturday 29th June


A chance to meet the new club members and maybe encourage them towards ownership of a Slow Conventional fleet boat !!


Finally, congratulations to Richard Eagleton on his second place overall at the Europe Northern Area Championship at South Shields Sailing Club.

If you compete at any Open meetings or Championship events please let me know your results so that I can post them on this page.






Monday 29th April 2013


Slow Conventional Fleet Members

As most of you will know the Conventional boats have been split into 'Slow' and 'Fast' fleets for
this year. I have been elected as the Slow Fleet representative so if you have any questions, comments or need any help please contact me at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Here is an update of current matters appertaining to our fleet.

'Club' PY's

In  the absence of any RYA Portsmouth Yardstick the Sailing Committee has
agreed to adopt 'Club' PY's for the following classes of dinghy for 2013:

Topper Magno   1175
Comet Mino       1210

Non Race Sailing 


The first of the Non Race Sailing sessions was well attended with nine of our fleet enjoying some sunshine and a nice steady breeze. If you missed out then the next session is on 19th May.

Sailing with Spinnakers - 4th, 7th, 11th and 14th May

There are still places available on this course so why not make use of the
expert coaching available to improve your sailing skill and pleasure.
Full details and application forms are available on the Sail Training
page of the Club website.

Race Coaching - Sunday 19th May

Race Coaching for the Slow Conventional fleet is taking place on Sunday 19th May, from 10.00 to 13.00, (same day as the next Non Race Sailing). The coaching will be on a similar format to the very successful day we had last year. Again full details are available on the Sail Training page of the Club website.


Short Course Racing


The first of the Short Course Races is taking place on Monday 6th May as part of the May Short Series.   

The weather has started to improve at last, so I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Neil Smith
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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